October 16, 2021
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Small Business Consulting

Success is not an accident but the result of good planning, organizing and focusing in realistic goals
We all know that it take hard work and effort to save money that is why once we have achieved this first step, now we must be very cautious about how and where to invest our savings. We need to find the right vehicles or instruments that allow us to make it grow, and increase our savings.

Without doubt that the first step before making any investment decision is to get the right information and guidance for the investment alternatives available on the market. Certainly, the possibilities are many. They can include: business, stock market, real estate, currencies, gold, mutual funds, etc. All of them have their own risk and potential profitability as well.

So, Where and in What Invest?

The smartest thing to do is get the right information and orientation needed to make this investment a successful one. At the same time, remember that everything is a risk and If you risk nothing, then you risk everything.

At Zhagui Solutions Group, we are committed to help entrepreneurs, homeowners and investors achieve their goals. We know that success is not an accident but the result of good planning, organizing and focusing in realistic goals. We provide the advice you need to succeed in your project. It does not matter if it is entrepreneurial projects, investment, real estate, and so on. We are here to guide you and provide you with the best advice so that your project will become a success.

Our consulting services include but at not limited to:

1. Strategic Business Planning

Once you decide to start your own business, there are two things for sure. First, the competition is fierce and you must be ready to compete with the big guys and second, without a business plan is very hard if not impossible to be competitive. Business planning helps you prioritize and focus on high-impact areas that offer the greatest return for your efforts. Business planning include: feasibility studies, operational plans, marketing plans, strategic plans, and investor grade business plans.

2. Business Valuation

If you are planning to buy a business or if you are planning to sell your business, you want to buy or sell it to the best price possible. Therefore, you need to know how much that small business may be worth in today’s market.

3. New Business Set-Up

Starting a business requires much more than finding the right location. It also requires deciding on a business structure, to obtain the necessary licenses and permits. Keep in mind that choosing the right business structure for your business can be a tricky business in itself because the form of incorporation you choose will affect the taxes you pay, who can invest in your company, and your financial security.

Real Estate

With many short sales and foreclosures, there is no doubt that the Real Estate market is going through a very special moment. We are in a buyer’s market and many people are taking advantage of the situation by investing in Real Estate properties.

Loan Modification

If you are a home owner who is having trouble keeping up with your mortgage payments, Contact me. Let’s study your situation and find the best possible way out.

Additional services will depend on the nature of the business or tailored personal needs.

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